Brachylophosaurus, The Mummy with Yummy in the Tummy

In 1953, the Canadian paleontologist, Charles Sternberg discovered and then later named a brand new species of hadrosaur. This was an exciting find because Brachylophosaurus differed significantly from other previously known hadrosaurs. Recently, Brachylophosaurus has come back into the news. But first let us bring in a little history to properly introduce this unusual dinosaur. […]

Early Discoveries Up To 1825

One of the earliest records we have of someone finding a dinosaur bone was in 1677. At that time, Robert Plot, an Oxford University Professor, included a drawing of the dinosaur bone in his book, The Natural History of Oxfordshire. Although he drew and described it well, Plot was unable to identify the creature from […]

Dinosaur Discoveries: 1850-1875, Pt II

By and by, more large reptilian fossils were discovered. In 1833, Mantell described a third giant reptile, naming it Hylaeosaurus. Though it was beginning to be recognized that a new kind of animal was now being found in fossilized form, these peculiar animals were not assigned any composite name. This was left to Britain’s premier […]

Dinosaurs Through Time pt 1

Megalosaurus or “Giant Reptile” was named by William Buckland in 1824. The skull of Megalosaurus was over 3 ft. long. This great carnosaur had large eyes and sharp serrated teeth. His neck was short and thick. The physical construction of this dinosaur intimates that he was not capable of great speed and, therefore, was probably […]

Dinosaurs Through Time pt 2

Plateosaurus or “Flat Lizard” was named by H. Von Meyer in 1837. The many well-preserved skeletons of Plateosaurus found in central Europe enable us to have a clear picture of the shape and size of this dinosaur. Members of this species attained a length of at least 26 feet. Plateosaurus’ forelimbs were shorter than hind […]

Dinosaurs Through Time pt 3

Troodon or “Wounding Tooth” was named by J. Leidy in 1856. Like Iguanodon, this dinosaur was also named from a single tooth. Since the 1800’s, this dinosaur has been thought to have been a lizard similar to Megalosaurus, Stegoceras, and Hypsilophodon. New material found in Alberta in the 1980’s shows that Stenonychosaurus was the same […]

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