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The information presented here and the seminars presented by Dr. Baker have, as their bottom line, the purpose of providing scientific support for the reliability of the Scriptures.


Dr. Baker's New Book

If you are like I am, you have often wondered in recent years how our country came to be in such a disastrous condition spiritually, morally, and politically that we see today. In his book, Transformation, Dr. Baker has thoroughly researched and documented the philosophical and cultural influences that have brought the demise of American culture. This book is fascinating and enlightening reading. Beginning with such enlightenment philosophers as Rene Descartes and Jean Jacques Rousseau, and bringing the reader up to the influential thinkers, politicians and entertainers of the 1960s, Dr. Baker explains how these corrupt philosophies have crept into mainstream American thought of today.
Dr. G. Allen Gunn, PhD
Chair: Dept. of Bible and Theology
Shasta Bible College and Graduate School, Redding, CA


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